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Thank you so much for the assessment!  I have been really pleased with the bootcamp class.  I did the winter session also and had great results.  The instructor gave us the assessment sheets so I do not think you ever got a chance to see them.  
Robin G
I don't know if you have a referral program but I want to commend Wendy xxxx's for the incredible progress she has made.  It is because of her I joined your Richboro, PA boot camp.  In just two weeks I am down 10 lbs and one dress size.  I am feeling great.  Thank you Wendy for sharing your secret. I thought I was signing up for 6 weeks but I can’t do without it now.                                                                                              Julie D
Our trainer is excellent. He has a routine and realizes eveyone is at different levels. He also demonstates proper technique. He's a wonderful addition to ABC. 
Annie M
i talk about your bootcamp to others... very challenging workout, but without the challenging atmosphere.. i really enjoy it.

Lisa J
Action Boot Camp got me get in great shape for my wedding in just 6 weeks, thanks!
Amanda D
High Intensity, Fat Burning, Muscle Building Program